Jun 27, 2017

Sun and Moon - Cat Art by Cats of Karavella

Cat Art titled Sun and Moon - Honourable Cat, by Dora Hathazi Mendes, from the Cats of Karavella Collection 

A simple bold coloured painting about a green and black striped cat with the Sun and the Moon in front of silver dotted orange and yellow base.  I made this painting after I read the lovely poem from Paul Gallico, titled Honourable Cat.
“I am Cat.
I am honourable.
I have pride.
I have dignity.
And I have memory.
For I am older than you.
I am older than your Gods, the Tree Gods,
The Stone Gods,
The thunder and Lightning and the Sun Gods,
And your God of Love.
I too can love,
But with only half a heart,
And that I offer you.
Accept what I am able to give,
For were I to give you all,
I could not bear your inevitable treachery.
Let us remain honourable friends.”
– by Paul Gallico from Honourable Cat.
Sun and Moon collection by Cats of Karavella. Cat designs for cat lovers
Some example from the Sun and Moon - Honourable Cat Collection by Cats of Karavella

Sun and Moon Cat Art available from the Official Website of Dora Hathazi Mendes as high quality wide variety of prints ( canvas, acrylic, framed, wood, metal etc ) and related products with Worldwide Shipping.

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Thank You for your interest in my Artwork, and thank you for supporting me by sharing!

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