Jun 11, 2017

Hunter in Camouflage - Cat Art by Cats of Karavella

Cat Art titled Hunter in Camouflage by Dora Hathazi Mendes, from the Cats of Karavella Collection.

I made this whimsical cat painting while I was expecting our first child. But this time I already knew, that we were going to have a baby boy.
I always thought that cats are feminine animals, because of their grace and beauty, but that time  I wanted to create something which put an effect more on the masculine side of these gorgeous felines, and as well something which goes well with blue and fit better in the room of a boy!
So, the Hunter in Camouflage was born and took place in my boy´s room as decoration, waiting for his arrival.

Cat Art Hunter in Camouflage by Dora Hathazi Mendes
Cat Art Hunter in Camouflage by Dora Hathazi Mendes
Cats are excellent hunters, born with the instinct of chasing and catching a prey. They are great opportunist as well, and they rarely miss a chance to grab an extra titbit, or catch a bird, or rodent, can be for hunger, but also only for the sake of hunting, and sheer excitement. The depictions of cat as thieves, normally displays the stealth, patience and quicksilver action which are the skills not only of a thief, but also of a hunter which perfected by long practice.

On my colorful, whimsical painting a black, striped tailed cat waiting motionless staring at three eggs, and trying to camouflage itself among long grass, in front of painted blue and yellow mosaic pattern. The feline is waiting for his big moment, for the first chick arrive to the world, without noticing the danger hidden just behind.

Some example from the Hunter in Camouflage Collection by Cats of Karavella
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Thank You for your interest in my Artwork, and thank you for supporting me for sharing my Cat Art!
Dora Hathazi Mendes
Karavella Atelier

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