May 13, 2017

Here I am …

Here I am.. 

Eager to share with you my Cat Art, my story, my journey, and bit of everything. Thinking how should I do it right, to introduce the Art of Cats of Karavella.

What is for sure, every start is difficult, but hopefully I will have the hang of it, and figure it out for our benefit.
And again, here I am, and here is my Black Angel Rebeka, the reason why I am here. I think she would be proud, or puzzled, or just indifferent. Or she would be just purring at my side, and wouldn’t mind me writing, in case I do not move, for her stay to comfy in my lap. Unfortunately she is not with me anymore physically, but I know still she will help me in this.

Rebeka black cat from Dora Hathazi Mendes, Cats of Karavella

Lot of ideas, lot of things to share, so I believe I will just jump in, and do not think too much.
In my Cats of Karavella Blog I would like to focus mainly on my Cat Inspired Artwork Collection, which contains my most known, and bestseller Cat Art, and everything which cause my fascination for these gorgeous, sophisticated animals. But also you will have a glimpse about other artworks of mine, and a part of my life and journey, in nutshell everything from behind the scenes.
Wish me luck!
And thank you for being with me, and encouraging me, for the future feedback, and thumb ups!
For now that’s all, or if you are so eager to know more, visit the Website of Dora Hathazi Mendes. or My Cat Art Store Cats Of Karavella.
Thank You!
Dora Hathazi Mendes

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