May 12, 2017

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Welcome to my Art by Cats of Karavella Blog! I am very glad that you like my Cat Art, and found me here! If you are looking for purchase prints or related products of my cat paintings, you have two options, both with Worldwide shipping:

Visit my Website where you can purchase high quality wide variety of prints (canvas, acrylics, wood, posters etc) of all my paintings, my photographs, and related unique products such as home decor, apparel, lifestyle, and contain also my Cats of Karavella Gallery:

Cats of Karavella Zazzle Stores dedicated only to my Cat Art offers also Worldwide Shipping. You can find here wide variety of customizable products for Cat Lovers:

To explore my Cats of Karavella Store in your own language, and for local promotions and Sales, find your  Country in the list below :

If you dont find your country on the list, visit the
(Note : To order from your own Cats of Karavella Country Shop in some cases can save you money on the shipping, depend on the product you choose. Every  Country Shop has different promotions, and apply different discount codes, but not all products are available in every country.
Please remember that with any purchase you make from Cats of Karavella Store,  Zazzle handles all aspects of the transaction and if you have questions about your order they should be directed to Zazzle Customer Service:
call: 1 (888) 892-9953 or email:   )
I hope that you will enjoy your purchased items, as much I enjoyed the create the Artworks! Thank you for all your support, your comments and likes on Social Media! And thank you for your interest in my Artwork!
Hope to see you soon!

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