Jun 25, 2017

Blue Tabby - Cat Art by Cats of Karavella

Cat Art titled Blue Tabby by Dora Hathazi Mendes, from the Cats of Karavella Collection 

As a child, we had two cats, one wild male, which was a black and white tuxedo called Miska, and a very affectionate female tabby cat, Mili. That was the time when I first fallen in love with cats, and from my saved money I bought the first cat book of my existing collection, which was about different cat breeds of the world.
I was very surprised to see, that certain fur colors were called blue in the book, instead of grey, so later on I painted my own version of my childhood cat, but this time made it really-really blue.

Blue Tabby whimsical cat art by Dora Hathazi Mendes
Blue Tabby cat painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes

Let me introduce you the new mutation of the mackerel cat, my extremely Blue Tabby painting which is resting lazily in front of orange background with hand painted black mosaic motifs,  also an Art Deco style stained glass window, and pink silver dotted frame.

Blue Tabby Designs from the Cats of Karavella Collection for cat lovers
Blue Tabby Designs from the Cats of Karavella Collection

Blue Tabby Cat Art available from the Official Website of Dora Hathazi Mendes as high quality wide variety of prints ( canvas, acrylic, framed, wood, metal etc ) and related products with Worldwide Shipping.

For customizable products,  such as items featuring lovely cat quotes, or “add your name” unique products related to the Blue Tabby cat painting and to my other cat art, visit the International Store Links of Cats of Karavella to find your own Country Store which offers also Worldwide Shipping.

Thank You for your interest in my Artwork, and thank you for supporting me by sharing!

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